A Magic Portal was opened and ...

mystical creatures fled through it. You can close the portal and save the world chaos?



2 - 5


120 min



Magic Portal - Outdoor Game

Go back in time and enter a world of mystical trolls and mythical beasts, which have been
separated from humanity through a series of magical portals. Each of these portals is guarded
by a trusted goblin, the Gatekeeper. Rumors point out that one of the portals in Lisbon opened after the
Gatekeeper fall asleep. The mystical creatures have escaped and are roaming the streets,
wreaking havoc and bringing chaos to our world. According to an old legend,
the portal can only be closed by the power of three magic crystals, these are hidden
in secret places and protected by difficult riddles. You have 90 minutes to find the crystals,
close the portal and save the world from destruction. Humanity depends on you.