Escape Room Online:
how to motivate your Team

The Pegasus Project

Become a special agent on a secret mission and find out what's behind the
Spider Technologies.

An Escape Room is a logic game, in which participants, immersed in an exciting story,
need to solve puzzles and riddles to reach a defined goal within a time limit

Gather your team and together participate in our interactive experience and all this without need
to download any application. The activity starts with an explanatory briefing, carried out
by one of our facilitators. Each participant uses their own PC / Mac or Tablet. Breakout
Rooms supported by our Game Master. Teams of 5 people up to a group of 100 people,
debriefing and award ceremony with the winning team! Sharing this fun moment and
excited will be everyone's happiness which is the key to success.

The game can be 60 or 120 minutes

  • No need to install any apps
  • Up to 300 pp.
  • PC/Imac/Tablet
  • Briefing in Meeting Room
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Teams of 5 pp.
  • Debriefing
  • Award ceremony
  • 60 or 120min. game
Players x Team
People x Group
Game Time
Game Time